Stasjonen – café and restaurant

Stasjonen offers a range of tradtional food, and we have a vegan and vegetarian-friendly menu as well. The restaurant are open for both hotelguests and locals. You can enjoy your meal in front of the fireplace, by a table looking out on the passing trains or at our outdoor tables, enjoying the sun. At Stasjonen, you can relax in a comfortable and casual environment. We serve everything from a cup of coffee to a 3-course meal. Some of our guests’ favourites include chicken and bacon ciabatta, fried pork belly with cabbage stew, fresh Norwegian waffles and our homemade soup with homemade focaccia. 

Cristmas 2022: Closed 24. and 25. of December. Open from 26 of december at 15:00. Closed 31. of december from 14:00

We have a liquor licence with all rights and offer a great selection of local beer from Lomb and Lillehammer Bryggeri, in addition to the usual selection of beer, wine and liquor.

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Our specialities

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Monday – Friday: 06:30 – 10:00

Saturday – Sunday: 07:30 – 10:00


Every day: 08:00 – 22:00

Hot dishes

Every day: 11:00 – 20:00


Beer and wine: from 08:00

Hard Liquor: from 13:00


At Stajonen you can relax in a comfortable and casual environment. You get a diverse menu with portion sizes for everyone. Come and enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner at Stasjonen!

During the day, some of our assortment includes fresh Norwegian waffles, homemade cakes, open sandwiches, baguettes, and danish pastry. Try our bestseller ciabatta with chicken, bacon and aioli. We always have a freshly grounded coffee and an espresso machine ready to make your favourite coffee.

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Our whole menu is available to order as take away. They can be collected here at Stasjonen, or you can use Delivia to order home delivery. If you need home delivery or delivery of overtime food, contact us, and we will do our best to accommodate.



Komle is a traditional dish,which mainly consists of peeled potato and flour. It is served with lamb, sausages, potatoes and kohlrabi. We serve it on the first Thursday of every month marked R, from 2 pm to 7 pm. Feel free to make a reservation or order as take away online.

Norwegian waffles

As a struggling student, our founder Geir used to sell waffles at the top of the ski jumps during the Olympic Games in 1994. Ever since, waffles have had a special place in his heart, and therefore, we sell the best waffles in Lillehammer! The waffles are made with love here at Stasjonen.

Waffles – love in every heart

Kjøttkaker og poteter med brun saus, tyttebær og kålstuing

Meatballs and fried pork

We have taken it upon us to continue serving traditional Norwegian food here in town and with our chefs Anna and Ewa in the kitchen, you are guaranteed a lovely traditional dish.