Sustainability and social responsibility

At Stasjonen, our team cares about sustainability’s economic, social and environmental aspects. It is reflected in everything we do: from our produce, routines to sell the last of our sandwiches and pastries for the day to what guests we wish to say in our rooms. This allows our team to work towards our sustainable goals consciously, so we all win – you, us, and the whole community!

Room with purpose

Sustainable business

Green activities

Solidarity and social responsibility

When staying with us, you can stay in one of our “Room with purpose”. The rooms give you more insights, afterthoughts or experiences beyond what typical hotel/hostel rooms provide. We would love to tell you more about our themes, or you can read more on our theme pages. 

Some of the organisations who have their own room with us today include Amnesty International, Doctors Without Borders, salvation Army, SOS Children’s Villages and the NRK TV campaign. By staying in one of these rooms, you contribute economically to the organisation you stay with once you have checked out and the room is paid for. Additionally, the collaboration gives both you and us time to reflect and get an insight into a different world.

Amnesty International

In addition to their room at Stasjonen, Amnesty International also brings their local association once a year to mark the “write for life” campaign here at Stasjonen Lillehammer. We do this to stay updated on their work for international cases and human rights. 

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Leger uten Grenser rom | Lillehammer Vandrerhjem

Doctors without borders

The picture above the bed might trigger different emotions, but we hope you see the happiness in it. Doctors without Borders work to save humans, especially in war and catastrophe areas. We are proud to be their meeting place when they work locally to collect in the Lillehammer area. 

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Fretex-rommet | Lillehammer Vandrerhjem

Salvation army Lillehammer

In our “Fretex room”, most of the details are from the local charity shop, run by the Salvation Army, and are creatively put together. Beyond our room, we also collaborate with the local Salvation Army and use their services on multiple levels. Any forgotten clothes from the rooms and the café are donated to the local charity shop.

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NRK TV-aksjonen rom | Stasjonen hotell Lillehammer

NRK TV campaign

The national broadcast channel hosts a yearly collection of donations to different charity causes each year. Our team gets involved each year through the actual campaign, local engagement, and an update the room to that year’s cause. Our yearly contribution includes a part of your payment for staying in the room as well as a percentage of our revenue from the café and restaurant turnaround on the campaign day. 

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Lillehammer Vandrerhjem

SOS Children’s village

We have created a theme room through a collaboration with the local SOS Children’s Village that enhances their core values. You will get a small insight into their organisation and values by staying in this room. 

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Sustainable business

In our team, we focus on excellent service, and we always want to improve the quality of your experience with us. Therefore, we are proud to be one of the first in Hostelling International’s network to qualify as a HI Quality Standard hostel with a basis in good routines and standards. We use the UN’s sustainability goals to base our practices and have adjusted them to suit our everyday life. As a HIQs hostel, we have a great community with the 3,500 other HI hostels worldwide. Our team would love to tell you more about the details, just ask! Geir, the manager, is also happy to represent the work we do at Stasjonen concerning this.

Some of the measures we have implemented and are constantly working on are:


We have reduced food waste in the company by collaborating with those behind the app Too Good To Go.


The team works daily with internal routines to reduce food waste, both production and serving.


We continuously map energy use, waste management and environmental improvements to change routines for employees and our guests.


We encourage our guests to use public transport and enhance this message both on the website and physically on our premises.


Our employees are encouraged to walk, cycle or take public transport to work if it is physically possible.


In collaboration with HI Norway, we have social volunteers from all over the world who help us focus on social sustainability and carry out concrete measures with us throughout the year.


On October 1 in 2017, and annually after that, we are approved as a sustainability company through Hostelling International’s sustainability program HIQs.


For several years, we have focused on collaboration with associations such as SOS Children’s Villages, Amnesty International, Doctors Without Borders and most recently, Nansen Peace Center – Peace to send a good message to our guests and the outside world.

Green activities

Do what the locals do. Get local tips from employees at Stasjonen and local “Lillehamringer”. Get engaged in local traditions, nature and the environment during your stay. We have our own agreement with BUA where you can borrow equipment to carry out “the local” activities.

Eat and shop locally. Several places in Lillehammer offer services, experiences and products produced here in Lillehammer and Gudbrandsdalen. Support the local community and small local providers, shops and manufacturers. Some of the partners present their offerings at Stasjonen.

Swap and share. We have areas where you can exchange books, clothes and goods that others have not used / no longer use. In our common areas, you can exchange experiences with other guests.

Reduce, reuse and sort. Support us in our efforts to recycle – you will find recycling stations in several places at Stasjonen. Ask us if you are unsure. Turn off lights, turn down the heat and unplug when you are not using the room or electronic equipment. Leave the car – use your legs, bicycle or local public transport.

Be social. HI Lillehammer Hostel – Stajsonen is a great place to meet people from all over the world. You always have an opportunity to eat with other guests in the guest kitchen or get to know other people in our café and reception area. A regular social meal is arranged at a reduced price every evening at 6:30 pm in our restaurant during holidays.

Join our green, free activities. Weekly guiding in the city during the summer is one of the offers you can enjoy free of charge here in Lillehammer.

10 free things to do


Walk up the 956 steps or drive to the top of the historical ski jump from OG in 1994 to take in the beautiful view of Lillehammer. Lysgårdsbakken has one of the best views of the Lillehammer region.


Stroll around Maihaugen, an open-air museum, and take in the historical, Norwegian buildings. The museum is open year-round, from 7 am to 10 pm. During the summer, from June to September, there is an entrance fee between 10 am and 5 pm; otherwise, it is free. At Maihaugen, you can walk around and see traditional Norwegian farms, the Stave church and houses dating back to the 16th century. The houses give you an idea of life in the Lillehammer region during different time periods.

Garmo Stave church is one of the many attractions you can witness at Maihaugen Open Air museum

Stroll in gågata

Savour the feeling of being a local while walking along with colourful, traditional houses in the main shopping street. Join the “free city walk” during the summer to learn more about the city during the free guided walk around Lillehammer. Every Wednesday and Thursday at 11 am, right outside the station building.


By walking down the lover’s lane north of the station and walking down the path towards Mjøsa, you will arrive at one of Lillehammer’s swimming spots. If you are brave, you can take a swim (it is usually never warmer than 18 degrees), or you could try skipping stones on the water.

Mesnaelva - Mesna river

The path down Mesnaelva was one of the first attractions tourists visited during their stay in Lillehammer due to its waterfalls and beautiful nature. Today there is not much water in the river, but with heavy rainfall and “water release days”, you can experience the river as it was in its glory days. By the hike’s turning point, the bridge “Svarga”, you can see a unique house where Marcello Haugen lived. It is rumoured that he had psychic abilities, and there are many stories about him.

Bike trip

You can rent a bike for free with us, just ask the reception and they will help you. We highly recommend biking to Fåberg, then Vingnes, where you can cool down in the lake before heading back over Vignesbrua – a scenic trip of about 20 kilometres.

Escalator at the shopping mall

There is usually always someone in the group who loves going shopping, so a trip to the mall might be inevitable? By walking down the stairs under the railway and walking the path down to the promenade by the lake, you’ll find Strandtorget – the shopping mall. Along the short walk, you will find the street art by local celebrities. The escalator can be located within the mall. Whenever you get tired of shopping and escalator-travelling, you can take a walk along the promenade and savour the view of the lake.

Fabrikken - "The Factory"

Fabrikken is a creative space that co-locates 30 small businesses within the culture, creative and experience industries. You can watch jewellers, glassblowers, carpenters, and other creatives work with their specialed craft.  It is open Mondays to Fridays from 10 am to 4:30 pm and Saturdays from 12 pm to 3 pm.


he nature offer plenty of free opportunities, so why not try one of them? Try a  hike in one of the many mountains in the area or a ski trip on the tracks located in the mountains. Lillehammer offers uncountable kilometres with hiking paths and skitracks for those who love nature.

Norwegian Public Road Museum

Visit the Public Road Museum at Hunderfossen, located 12 km north of Lillehammer. It is a big open-air museum that offers excellent hiking opportunities, veteran bus, blacksmith, machines, horseriding for kids, as well as activities and games for everyone. Try an exciting tunnel walk in the Rock Blasting museum.