We serve hot meals from 11.00 – 21.00.


Main hot meals

Soup of the day w/ focaccia NOK 129

Omelett w/ side salad and bread NOK 129

Our homemade burger on a slice of bread with a fried egg on top. Served with a side salad.
…one burger NOK 99
…two burgers NOK 139

Sausage w/ ramson from Annis Pølsemakeri (a local butcher) w/ fried potatoes or potato salad, side salad and focaccia
…one sausage NOK 139
…two sausages NOK 179

Chicken wok w/ vegetables, sweet chili sauce, rice and side salad NOK 179

Our homemade burger (150 g) on focaccia, w / fried potatoes and side salad NOK 179

Trout w/ vegetables, potatoes, cucumber salad and sour cream w/ herbs NOK 199

Our homemade moose stew w/ side salad, lingonberry, flatbread, rice or potatoes NOK 199

Pasta carbonara w/ side salad and focaccia NOK 169


Vegan menu

Salad w/ focaccia NOK 129

Bean stew w/ rice and side salad NOK 179

Vegan burger w/ focaccia, side salad and fried potatoes NOK 179

Soup w/ focaccia (Tomato or Spinach) NOK 129

Pasta bolognese – vegan style NOK 169

Wok-fried vegetables w/ sweet chili sauce, rice and side salad NOK 179





Kids menu

Pasta – plane NOK 49

Pasta – carbonara/bolognese NOK 69

Burger w/ fried potatoes – kids style NOK 89

Pancakes – with jam and sugar NOK 79

Chicken wok – small NOK 89